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Extraordinary things to do in Prague

I cannot remember how many times I have been asked the following: “Hey, Ilya, what do you think we  should do in Prague? Anything off the beaten path?” So, I thought, maybe I should start writing posts about things to do in Prague. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the market and looking for various ways to …

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Restaurants in Prague: dining with the locals

So, you’re coming to Prague and you want to try local cuisine? There are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants in Prague. Most of the time finding a good, family place presents a big problem, because those restaurants are usually not on the map. They don’t have TripAdvisor pages, or even good websites. Because, let’s face …

romantic restaurants in Prague

Romantic restaurants in Prague

There are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants in Prague. But it turns out, finding a romantic one, especially with a view is a big problem! And since I always have clients looking for one, being involved in this ‘romantic’ business I had to do some research and come up with my list of romantic …

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Prague for Two stories

I love my job! Not only because I get to be part of some very important events in people’s lives, but also because every day is different. You might think it’s all the same: bring the stuff to the spot, arrange everything, wait for the clients to finish and go clean it all up. Well, in …

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Christmas in Prague

Only about 16% of Czechs are religious. Nevertheless, Christmas, or ‘Vanoce’ in Czech is the most important holiday in Czech Republic. And when I say “most important”, I mean the whole country goes ballistic! Christmas sales start in… October! And get this: yesterday, November 11th, I saw a couple of trucks hauling Christmas trees… I thought “Come …

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Shopping in Prague: bohemian crystal and garnet jewelry

Alright, so, whether you’re out for bohemian crystal, garnet jewelry or something ‘original’ to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day – your souvenir shopping in Prague should not end in a souvenir shack you find almost on every corner of the city. I mean, it’s like buying a Louis Vuitton bag from a suspicious-looking guy out on a street in Turkey. And …