romantic restaurants in Prague

Romantic restaurants in Prague

There are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants in Prague. But it turns out, finding a romantic one, especially with a view is a big problem! And since I always have clients looking for one, being involved in this ‘romantic’ business I had to do some research and come up with my list of romantic …

propose in Prague

Prague for Two stories

I love my job! Not only because I get to be part of some very important events in people’s lives, but also because every day is different. You might think it’s all the same: bring the stuff to the spot, arrange everything, wait for the clients to finish and go clean it all up. Well, in …

christmas in prague

Christmas in Prague

Only about 16% of Czechs are religious. Nevertheless, Christmas, or ‘Vanoce’ in Czech is the most important holiday in Czech Republic. And when I say “most important”, I mean the whole country goes ballistic! Christmas sales start in… October! And get this: yesterday, November 11th, I saw a couple of trucks hauling Christmas trees… I thought “Come …

crystal in prague

Shopping in Prague: bohemian crystal and garnet jewelry

Alright, so, whether you’re out for bohemian crystal, garnet jewelry or something ‘original’ to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day – your souvenir shopping in Prague should not end in a souvenir shack you find almost on every corner of the city. I mean, it’s like buying a Louis Vuitton bag from a suspicious-looking guy out on a street in Turkey. And …

slezska harta

A romantic getaway to Slezska Harta

Ok, so I know Prague can be very romantic. You can walk around the cobbled streets holding hands, have a romantic dinner somewhere in a park or look at the city from the river while riding a boat and drinking champagne. But let me assure you, that the romance does not end here. Czech Republic is full of wonderfully …

romantic prague

Romantic Prague – a city for lovers

If you have read my previous post on romantic things in Prague, this one would be part two of my ‘romantic Prague’ series. As I walk around the city, search for different romantic ideas for my clients or plan their vacations, I keep stumbling upon some extraordinary things. There are thousands of romantic getaway ideas on the …