The usual question I get from most of my clients in the upcoming cold months is: “Isn’t it too cold to sit outdoors in the winter?” I’ll be honest with you: I prepare as many events in the winter as I do in the summer. Feel free to visit my Instagram page or Facebook account, scroll down and see for yourself. It does not get too cold here in Prague, so nothing can stop you from having a wonderful time surprising your beloved.

Prague is beautiful all year round. Whether you arrive in the summer, during the blooming spring months or in the winter – Prague will greet you with its amazing atmosphere and ambience. Which brings me to my main point: the weather does not matter.

There is no need to check the forecast a hundred times a day. Especially if your event is a week or two away. The weather here changes so much and so fast sometimes it’s difficult to predict what will it be like tomorrow, let alone in a couple of days. But I got it covered.

“Sitting close together under the umbrella made the evening even more romantic!”

If there’s even the slightest possibility of rain I will put up a large umbrella that perfectly covers the table and the couple sitting at it. So, you will only need an umbrella to get to the location. And most people have one when they travel. What you will probably need is a blanket, and those are available all the time.

Keep in mind, that you will probably spend most of your day outdoors anyway, walking around and taking in the history. So, stopping for an hour to have a romantic moment in the park should not really be a problem.

A thunderstorm, on the other hand, might present an issue I cannot deal with. So, in this case we either move the event to a later time, or another day. But thunderstorms are pretty rare in Prague, and in most cases very short.