Your romantic proposal in Prague

I have to admit, that proposals are among the most popular events I organise throughout the year. Prague is full of all kinds of wedding agencies, but none of them deal with proposals. Which basically makes me an expert in helping you pop the big question. And although a wedding can be beautiful, I strongly believe that a proposal is actually even more important. So I am here to help you make your proposal in Prague a truly magical surprise she will never forget!

Think about it. How may women actually tell their friends in great detail about a wedding? “So, there was a beautiful dress, an amazing ceremony, we had this and that…” And these stories are not that different from each other. But when asked: “So, how did he propose?” a woman will go on and on about the location, the moment you chose, what you said, how you said it, and she could go on for hours.

Average price: € 150