The COVID pandemic hit the Czech Republic pretty hard. It’s almost end of November, and all restaurants remain closed. As well as museums, galleries, shopping malls, etc. Basically if you’re coming to Prague now there’s almost nothing to do except eat takeout and enjoy walking around the almost-empty city. Which is totally awesome.

Another thing you can still do is surprise your beloved with a romantic evening! Since Prague for Two does not fall under a “Restaurant” category, we have remained and still remain open for business. And, although the number of clients has drastically fallen, we’ve still managed to prepare some wonderful romantic surprises despite the paranoia that hit the public this year.

Prague remains safe. People wear face masks, eat takeout food and drink takeout beer. And although 9 pm is now curfew time, it does not stop us from helping people surprise their loved ones.

So, feel free to drop a line with your order, or send me a WhatsApp message. And we will still make it happen.

After all, you cannot take her to a restaurant. At least for now.