propose in Prague

Recently one of my clients told me I have so many different stories I should write a book sometime. Well, I guess a blog would do for now, so here’s a new batch of my ‘Prague for Two stories’ for you guys to enjoy.

That awkward moment when you feel like an idiot…

Being in the business where I make people happy and experience lots of anxiety, I am pretty used to bringing all kinds of stuff to hotels: selfie sticks, wallets, handbags, mobile phones, etc. Couples forget stuff all the time. One evening the guy was proposing, they spent a marvellous night watching the sunset and everything was just perfect. So in the end he forgets his mobile phone. I arrive to clean things up, and while gathering my stuff I see the phone just lying there near the ice bucket. So I’m, like, « Oh, he forgot his phone… GOTTA TEXT HIM… » I put his phone in my pocket, got mine out, texted him and went on with my stuff. Seconds later my pocket starts to beep. I did not even look. Privacy, right. 15 min later I’m in my car, so I send him a second text: « Dude, you forgot your phone, blah-blah-blah ». My pocket beeps again. I think I sent him like 4 or 5 messages before it finally hit me… :) Thank god I knew where they were staying. He laughed like crazy.

« I am not going anywhere! »

A couple of weeks ago I prepared a proposal setting for a couple from the US. They spent the whole day walking around Prague, and, obviously, by the time they got to the park the girl was just too tired. As soon as they entered the park she sat on a bench and said: « Ok, I’m tired, I wanna go back to the hotel. » Of course, she had no idea she was 5 minutes away from the most wonderful surprise of her life. Now, I don’t know what kinda things the guy started to come up with to get his beloved walking again, but it was hopeless. Finally he said « I have a surprise for you », to which she replied « Well, then you’ll just have to carry me there ».

Minutes later I am watching the pathway, waiting for them to arrive, and I see the guy carrying his girlfriend in his arms. My first thought was « Is she drunk or something? Did he get her drunk so she says Yes? What the hell? » When I came back two hours later we had a good laugh about it. She told me: « Can you imagine, I acted like a total asshole! He had this whole surprise proposal prepared for me and I didn’t want to come! » Well, I thought what he did was pretty courageous!

« Someone’s proposing here, maybe we should leave… »

This one totally blew my mind! As this couple was arriving to toe location, the girl saw the arrangement and said: « Oh, someone’s proposing here, maybe we should leave! » She took her phone out to take a photo of the arrangement, and noticed the photo of the couple standing beside the table. « Wow, that girl looks just like me… What? That is me! What the hell? » She turns around to face her boyfriend, and he’s standing behind her on one knee with a ring in his hand. Obviously, she burst into tears.

I think that one might have been the most beautiful proposal story so far! :)

To be continued…