Romantic Prague

Your romantic evening in Prague
  • Propose in Prague

    Average price: € 150

    A Prague proposal is perfect whether it is at a restaurant, in a night club, or somewhere out on the embankment ...

  • Romantic picnic in Prague

    Average price: € 80

    Prague is filled with lots of beautiful parks. Some of them, like Letna park, or the one on Petrin Hill ...

  • A romantic dinner in Prague

    Average price: € 250

    There are tons of romantic restaurants in Prague. Anyone can invite a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend to a restaurant – it’s ...

  • Birthday in Prague

    Average price: € 150

    Say, you’re planning a trip to Prague, and you got your lover’s birthday coming up. Or, maybe, you’re thinking a ...

  • A romantic evening in Prague

    Average price: € 150

    A trip to Prague with the one you love should not just be about history. There’s much more to this ...

  • Valentine’s day in Prague

    Average price: € 150

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day in Prague – it’s all about ideas. It could be another year of flowers, ...