Alright, so, whether you’re out for bohemian crystal, garnet jewelry or something ‘original’ to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day – your souvenir shopping in Prague should not end in a souvenir shack you find almost on every corner of the city. I mean, it’s like buying a Louis Vuitton bag from a suspicious-looking guy out on a street in Turkey. And although I am not that much into shopping for these items (as most men are, I imagine) I thought I might have an idea or two to share with you. So, here’s something you might find useful about crystal and jewelry shopping in Prague.

Bohemian crystal

We all know that globalization kinda destroyed the souvenir industry. I mean, you bring home something from one country, only to find your friend bring exactly the same thing from another one. And most of the time both of you think it’s authentic. Well, if you want to find something original, don’t go looking for famous bohemian crystal at a souvenir shack or a store that has ‘original bohemian crystal’ written all over it. Considering the number of tourists shopping in Prague every day, the supply of that is much lower than the demand. So, unfortunately, most of the time you’d pay a ton of money for a fake. All fine crystal manufacturers usually have their own, original stores, where you can buy their products at an agreeable price. Considering the fact, that Czech Republic is a small country, if I were you I’d travel to the location, book a tour through the manufacturing facilities to make the trip interesting (most of the time they’re available) and get an original product from an original store. Otherwise, search the Internet for an original store location in Prague.

Czech garnet jewelry

Just as the ‘bohemian crystal’, jewelry with these beautiful red stones is sold almost anywhere in Prague. But I have to disappoint you – most of the locations sell fakes instead of the original products. There are, however, genuine companies, like the factory in Turnov (www.granat.cz) that has united a number of smaller manufacturers back in 1950’sand has been producing these items quite successfully ever since. They have 3 locations in Prague: Dlouha 28, Na Prikope 23 (inside the mall) and Panska 1/892. Walk into any of these, and you’ll find a genuine product. Otherwise, search the Internet for other manufacturer’s locations.

To be continued…