Starting from December 3 new set of regulations will be in place. Good news for everyone planning to visit Prague. Free movement of people will be allowed and restaurants, shops, and service providers may reopen, but a number of restrictions will remain in effect.

Restaurants and shops are being reopened with some minor restrictions, such as 22:00 closing time. Still, people can start enjoying quality czech beer again. Museums and galleries are also up for the reopening. And this is good news, as Prague is once again, hopefully, going to be filled with tourists.

In addition to the reopening of shops and services, restrictions on free movement at night will be lifted. Up to 50 people will be able to gather outside instead of the current six, and the ban on alcohol consumption in public places will be lifted.

So, feel free to contact me if you’re planning a trip to Prague this year, and want to surprise your beloved with a romantic evening!